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Gourmet Food And Drink

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The driving, creative force of head chef, Jerome Labrousse, is apparent in the hotel’s gastronomic restaurant, La Table des Neiges. Under his leadership, the restaurant offers fine dining at its best and the dishes will delight even the pickiest of gourmands. Try any number of dishes at the restaurant and you will savor the heavenly tastes as well as the memories they produce. Revel in the complex, satisfying flavor combinations of wakame and yuzu, variations on monkfish, apples from the Alps, foie gras and more.

The M Bar will welcome you with open arms if you are in search of a relaxing moment near the warmth of a fireplace. Sink your body into their most luxurious sofas and arm chairs while sipping your aperitif, champagne, wine, cocktail or digestive.


After a full day on the slopes, what would be better than visiting the hotel spa? Nothing, probably! The spa occupies two levels with the first floor housing a two-room hammam and an area to partake in aroma therapy. The second floor focuses attention on water-related activities: a pool and jacuzzi. Also, featured on this level is a sought-after gym to take care of guests’ fitness, weight training and aerobic exercises.